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Satellite TV Online Package contain 240 or 151 tv channels. ( If your smart tv box need renewal , Please contact us. New users offer new tv box , Old silver tv box not offer any more because old tv box CUP run very slowly ,has updated and substituted it )

Remark : If your tv box expiried and contact us , Then you can watch the same tv channels after renewal . No any worry .

Prerequisite :

DishHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in China | Renewal | Installation in Beijing , Shanghai

How to install dishhd iptv in your home ?

1). China Telecom or Unicom Internet ( Download Speed 35M at least ) and Router at your place.

2). How to know your internet download speed ?

Using your mobile phone to download speedtest app and install it then click test button and beginning test speed , you will find download speed.

3). Had better your router share the same room with your television. Thus have good internet signal or use Lan connection.

We offer you one TV Box , This must use our own tv box. This is special box for only this package.

IPTV-1 Subscription & Renewal

Watching Your TV Over Internet Via Router anywhere in the World !

Installing DishHD Satellite TV In Beijing

Satellite TV Online is offering DishHD Satellite TV Installation and Subscription service for HDTV Lovers, our service is in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenyang , Dalian , Yantai , Qingdao , Weihai....

DishHD TV Channels :


Satellite TV Online Media Network is one leading International TV Channels service provider in China, we can offer the best TV Solutions for Expats to access the Int'l Satellite TV Channels ,Trusted by Expats Communities at local rate !

Global Satellite TV Subscription | Installation | Renewal in Beijing , Shanghai , China

GLOBAL SATELLITE (G SAT) is the best alternative source of international entertainment and information in areas beyond the reach of cable television. It was born out of response to the growing demand for a better direct-to-home satellite TV provider across the Philippines. With its vast satellite footprint, its signal also reaches Asian countries like Mongolia, China, Japan, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and other parts of South Asia. The superior coverage of its satellite provider is even complemented by the intense security protection of its conditional access provider.

DishHD Satellite TV Subscription | Installation | Renewal in Shanghai,Beijing, China

DishHD Taiwan run their business more and more fucking worse , Now they has suspended more than 11 tv chanenles, As a small small one of dealers of Dishhd Taiwan, we have no any way , only remind of our dishhd tv users , when your dishhd subscription expiry , please consider others solutions , we can not refund for any tv users because the subscription has hand over to provider. TV Users take the risk for subscriber DishHD since 2016-7-1. please consider others !!!! DishHD maybe go bankruptcy ! , Last updated on 2016-7-3

DishHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in Xiamen , Shenzhen , Guangzhou , Tianjin , Kunming , Japan and Korea , Australia , USA and UK , Canada , Germany , France ....

Requirement :

1).Telecom or Unicom Internet ( Download Speed 30Mbps at least by mobile wifi test ) and Router at your place .
2). Had better your router share the same room with your television. If not , we will offer ethernet cable if necessary.

Equipment :

We offer you one exclusive TV box with one year subscription.

TV Channels :


Hot HD IPTV Subscription in China

Hot HD IPTV Package to interested people.

It need you have one android TV Box ( Version 4.4 ) , Get tv software from your provider in china , They offer you user name and password , you can watch below all tv channels.

Your home have 10-100 M internet via router.

DishHD Satellite TV Online Package Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , China

Hello TV Subscribers,

Satellite TV Online Media China Service Group offering international tv channels service for interested people.

Only your home have telecom or unicom internet and router , you can install our satellite iptv box. Others internet category can not work .


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