Satellite TV Installation and Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen ...China

Satellite and IPTV industry is very special , so keep a low profile is necessary !

One long term and loyal customer always using his provider from A to Z. Thus it has good warranty each other. If you are new subscriber , Maybe you come here and compare the rate , it make no sense because you not know who is reliable provider and his credit-worthiness...

DishHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in Shanghai , Taicang , KunShan , Suzhou , Hangzhou , Nangjing , Shenzhen , Guangzhou

DishHD IPTV package contain 350 tv channels from USA , UK , Taiwan , Hongkong , Japan , Korea , Malaysia , Singapore etc. Please let me know if interested. Your home must have China Telecom or Unicom internet and Router.

South America + Arabic IPTV Subscription

We are offering IPTV service from Arabic countries , BeinSport , Brasil , Latin America , Chile , Peru , Argentina , Colombia , Cuba , Ecuador , Uruguay , Costa Rica, Mexico , Dominican, Spain , Portugal. It contain all below tv channels after you book this package. 

How to apply our tv service ?
Your place must have 100Mbps China Telecom or Unicom internet and router. ( China Mobile and other internet not support all iptv )

What TV channels do you can watch ?

All tv cahnnels in this package

Arabic IPTV :

DishHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in Japan and Korea , Australia , USA and UK , Canada , Germany , France ....

Requirement :

1).Telecom or Unicom Internet ( Download Speed 30Mbps at least by mobile wifi test ) and Router at your place .
2). Had better your router share the same room with your tv set.

Equipment :

one exclusive TV box with one year subscription.

TV Channels :

DishHD IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Shenzhen , Guangdong , China

DishHD IPTV package contain a lot of asia pacific tv channels , Please contact us if you are interested in dishhd satellite tv online package. Please add our wechat for more info .

English IPTV Renewal Worldwide

How to renew your Smart TV Box after expiry ?

On your tv box bottom , have Mac address or turn on your tv , on tv screen right above corner have below number , We can renew online for it by the number , After renewal , you can watch one year. Pay by wechat or alipay or ATM , It took about one hour to make you tv box work again.... All renewal job will carry on online , online activate.

Wechat : satellitvonline

English IPTV Subscription and Renewal in China

English TV Channels for interested people !

Inspire IPTV Subscription at Bars , Cafe , Hotels , Restraunts , Schools , Saloon... All over the world !

Anywhere and anytime over Internet via router to online watch your tv channels ! HotHD Inspire IPTV package only for interested subscribers.

Requirement :

10-100 M internet ( China Telecom or Unicome ) via router at your home.
In other countries , your home have static ip address internet and router.

Equipment :

One Android TV Box with one year subscription fee.

TV Channels :

HotHD IPTV Subscription and renewal in China and USA and Canada ,South Korea , Mongolia, UK and Thailand , VietNam , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia...

HotHD IPTV subscription in China .

Offer you one android TV Box with one year subscription.

Your home have 50-100 M internet via router.

Ddish TV on Telstar 18 at 138.0°E | Mongolia Direct To Home System

Mongolia Direct to Home System can be installed in china. It need to install 45-55 cm dish antenna face the south east direction , no high tree or high building block the signal on this way. Please contact us if interested. It is very useful for news lovers and sports lovers. it conain EPL and Fighting sports....



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